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Have You Missed These Top 10 Luxurious Cruises Holidays in India?

India is connected through life-giving rivers, lagoons, backwaters, and sea. Cruising in India is one of the wonderful ways to explore the life and unique ecosystem of the country. If you dream of the amazing luxury cruises on your trip, you can make it true with the below list. The luxury cruise Holidays in India gain so much popularity in the tourist community for its excellent services, amazing comfort and leisure time that you will remember up to the end of your life. It gives you the enjoyment that is hard to ignore!

Here Are the Top 10 Luxurious Cruises Holidays in India

  1. Sundarbans Luxury Cruise HolidaysHave You Missed These Top 10 Luxurious Cruises Holidays in India? 1

Breath-taking BeautyIt is declared the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1985. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world and located near picturesque natural beauty, mangroves, and exotic wildlife (particularly Royal Bengal Tiger) with a variety of birds. Sundarbans Cruise Holidays will take you through this incredible wealth of nature which is combined with the memorable creek ride and a forest walk. It will bring you a magical experience as well as the most memorable trip that will stay with you forever. Your journey is attached to the excellent hospitality that takes your experience to the zenith! Furthermore, you will get the facilities of the gym, Ayurvedic Treatment, herbal massage therapies, and spa. It has a marvelous reception and comfort that make it once in a lifetime experience!

  1. Lakshadweep Cruise Vacations

Have You Missed These Top 10 Luxurious Cruises Holidays in India? 2
Exiting Affair

Lakshadweep Cruise on Lakshadweep Islands of India is one of the Best Cruises deals in India with the amazing experience of the marine life and azure seawater as well as an incredible range of fauna and flora. It is specially designed so you can see some spectacular views and amazing beauty. It is a 120-meter longship with carrying capacity of the 700, which was built in the total cost 173 crore INR. It is fixed with the latest comfort and world-class features such as a dining hall, gymnasium, and a recreation room. You will be treated to some delicate and mouthwatering dishes to have you an amazing journey. You can also enjoy several water activities like boating, kayaking, jet skies, sea swimming, and deep-sea living at Lakshadweep.

  1. The Oberoi M.V Vrinda Cruise
Inspired Travelling

The Oberoi MV Vrinda is one of the most amazing cruises in India. The private accommodation is available on the Backwaters of Kerala. It has a fully furnished deluxe cabinet which is designed to give comfort and keep the top level of services. It also has an in-house restaurant that is wonderful and has an all-day-long eating space filled with natural light and refreshing air. It takes you through the largest backwater of Kerala which is Vembanad Kayal. The lake is beautiful and the cruise is equipped with luxurious facilities that make your experience worthwhile.

  1. M.V Mahabaahu Cruise Holidays

Have You Missed These Top 10 Luxurious Cruises Holidays in India? 3
Attractive History

It will give you an astonishing experience along with natural beauty cruise holidays all around the river. It will take you to the range of attractions such as beautiful forest, paddy fields of the Assam and Hindu Gurukuls which is carrying a tradition of the indigenous method of the teaching for more than 5000 years. It was awarded the Tourism Award for 2012 by CNBC News Channel. No matter what kind of room you choose but you will always be treated with excellent hospitality and served some of the multi-cuisine dishes. You can explore the region, enjoy the relaxing board games, and go for facilities such as Spa and Massage.

  1. River Ganges Heritage Cruise Vacations 

Have You Missed These Top 10 Luxurious Cruises Holidays in India? 4
Scenic History

River Ganges is the holiest river in India and is also considered a mother by Hindus. River Ganga Heritage Cruise offers the spectacular view of the religious pilgrimage site all across the mighty water which flows through the Himalayas. It is 260 km long stretch luxury heritage cruise is a lifetime experience that you don’t want to miss! The MV Paramahansa is one of the life experiences of the eastern coastline. The passenger rooms are comfortable and have attached bathroom. You will get the individual control, amazing rooms, and intercom facilities. The terrace dining & bar accommodation of 80 guests and you can try out the local cuisine. ISCON headquarters and the birthplace of the Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is a great place to see through your travel. Full day sightseeing tour in Musheerabad will also take your experience to the next level.

  1. Goa Cruise

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                          Shiny Evening

Goan Cruises has been popular for the tourist destination for the river and sea cruises packages. You will get the cultural entertainment and beer as well as buffet cruise in the Mandovi River. Recently, the government has shifted some of the cruises to the Arabian Sea due to the ecological concerns of the river. You will enjoy the spectacular sunset with your loved ones on the luminous Cruises in the Arabian Sea. You can also dance along with your loved one under the stars that can be one of the most romantic moments of your life. Book Now Goa Cruise Vacations and surprise your partner. Embrace the beauty of nature with delectable delights and pleasant sight of the serene surroundings. If you get lucky, then you can see the dancing dolphins too.

  1. Costa Neo Classica Cruise

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 Neo Enjoyment

It can explode your mind with various activities and amazing food. Costa Neo Classica Cruise has 654 cabins in which 428 give while having the private balconies in 10 cabins. You can enjoy the swimming pool, wellness center, and gym, four Jacuzzis and have large bathrooms. You can also enjoy shopping in a shopping mall or watch a movie in a theater. Also, you can select the time for dinner and enjoy some mouthwatering cuisines of India.

  1. Brahmaputra River Cruise

You will embrace the beauty of the Brahmaputra River for one of the most incredible journeys and find the amazing countryside. The rustic rural landscape, amazing wildlife, great dolphin and mesmerizing views can make your journey memorable. Brahmaputra River Cruise is one of that river cruises that stays in your mind for a long period. Enjoy the Best Cruise Holidays with us.

  1. First Luxury Cruise of India-Angriya

Mumbai to Goa Cruise Holidays
Heritage Sites

It is India’s first luxury cruise which is sailed from Mumbai to Goa. It has a dance floor, spa, restaurant, pool and luxury suits where 399 passengers can take the Luxury experience of the cruising. It can be one of the best 14 hours of life. The price for Angriya Cruise ranges between INR 7000 to INR 12000 per person. You will see the sunset and sunshine during your journey. India is promoting tourism with the Angriya Cruise. It always makes sure that the tourist gets enough time to experience the amenity inside the ship. It has six bars and two restaurants that make it the first choice of the tourist.

  1. Kerala Backwater Cruise

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               Wonderful Holiday Destination

Whenever we talk about the Luxury Cruises in India we shouldn’t give a miss to Kerala Backwater Cruise. There is no doubt that the backwaters of Kerala are popular cruise destinations in India. It sails through the traditional villages of Kerala. You will enjoy some delicious South Indian Food and see the spectacular views of the Kayal, villages, coconut bunch, and fishing activities. You can explore God’s Own Country- Kerala. The interior of the cruise travel is spacious and consists of all the facilities to make your stay memorable. The window helps to pass the air and gives gentle breeze of a backwater. It also offers technology and connectivity. Furthermore, you will get the Wifi gadgets and other facilities such as music system and speakers. You will stop at various places during your journey that will make your journey memorable. It’s time to explore the Indian waterways and plan your summer escapes soon!

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